What does Test Bank mean? is this the original text book? No, Test Bank is not actual text book. You can not buy test bank in book store or any other online store like eBay, amazon, etc. But good news is you can get the official, real, comprehensive test bank of your text book from testbankaplus.

Test Bank is an electronic file usually comes as Microsoft word or pdf files. All chapter test bank are included in the package. As the instructors use test bank to make exam questions there is high chance you will get 99% of the questions are common during real examination. Test Banks are also known as test item file, test bank solutions, test questions, exam questions, test papers, exam bank, and test book.

Solution Manual is strait forward text book problem solutions. In a solution manual you will find the details step by step solutions of each and every problem in your text book. Solution Manual also known as instructor manual, solution book, etc.